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Austin and his best friend Copper
living in Florida

Hey Jill! First off I want to thank you for giving me my best friend :) Copper is the absolute best dog in the world. He's great with other animals and loves to play all day. He is my first dog and I wanted to raise him right, so I placed him in puppy training through Petsmart and WOW was that a great investment. He loved to go because it gave him time with other dogs/people, and together we learned so much. We stayed committed to training and he graduated from the Advanced Class and is now Canine Good Citizen (CGC) qualified. I feed him the raw diet and I truly believe it's keeping him healthy and handsome. He loves fish, chicken, and beef with all the added goodies. I take him with me everywhere on our weekly outings including: Home Depot, Halls hardware store, Academy Sports, and of course Pet Smart :) They all love seeing Copper and he does his routine at the checkout to get some treats. He loves to swim and we go to the river on a regular basis. It's so funny to watch him play. Everywhere we go people comment on how handsome and how well behaved he is, I sincerely thank you for a wonderful friend.

Austin and Copper

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Christina and Family

From Stillwater, MN

I am sorry it has been so long since I was in touch, but I wanted to update you on Georgia (formerly, Jasmine).  We have had a very busy fall with the kids back in school/activities.  I see on your website, you're busy with a new litter - they are all just beautiful and remind us so mch of our own Georgia.  She is doing fantastic, by the way.  We just love her sooooooo much!!!  She is the sweetest, smartest, prettiest thing ever!  Although a little apprehensive about getting a dog so soon after losing our husky in May, she has been the perfect addition to our family and has brought us so much joy!  I have to share my husband now as he has fallen in love again!  He greets her with, "What's up, G-dog?", calls her "Beautiful," and stays up late/gets up early, just to spend extra time with her!

She goes everywhere we can take her, and everyone just thinks she is the best dog ever.  She even gets invited to our dogless friends' home!  This summer she became quite the boating and camping dog.  After being home all summer with my kids, we were a little worried about school starting , but she has adjusted just fine.  In fact, it means more walks and car rides for her, as she walks to the bus stop multiple times a day and shuttles the kids everywhere with me.  Boy does she love that!  She is amazing in the car but, of course, we've been taking her since day one.  You should see her wait for the kids to come out from their activities; she sits in the front seat of the car, staring at the door they come out.  When she sees kids emerge, she stands and starts wagging her little stub, as we call it, until they appear.  Then her whole body goes into an uncontrollable wiggling fit.  When they get in she pounces on them and showers them with kisses!

I must admit, she's got it pretty good.  She loves to herd the soccer ball in the back yard and play fetch with the tennis ball in the house.  She has two best doggie friends that she plays with often.  One is a little 7 lb. yorkie-poo that lives on the other end of the cul-de-sac and the other is my best friend's 90 lb lab who lives a few miles away (who, incidentally, doesn't like other dogs, but LOVES Georgia!).  Pretty amazing that she's gentle, yet athletic enough to play with both extremes! 

She has taken puppy kindergarten, puppy agility, and finishes beginner obedience next week.  She is honestly amazing in class.  So smart, trainable, eager to please.  She has heel, stay and come down.  I can't wait to take more agility classes with her; she loved the obstacles, especially the tunnels and dog walk, so much that it was tough to make her wait her turn!

Although she absolutely loves dogs and people, she does instinctively guard her flock.  My friend with the lab has a fenced yard on a golf course and the kids occasionally go out on the green behind their house after dark.  When they do, Georgia stops playing, sits at the fence, and does not take her eyes off them until they come back in the yard.  Once we took her camping with my parents this summer where the six of us stayed in a small camper with 3 beds.  At night, when we settled in, she would jump from bed to bed taking a head count.  If all were not accounted for, like one night when my husband was putting out the fire, she would sit by the door waiting until they came in.  Only when everyone was in bed would she curl up on her mat and go to sleep.
Amazing!  She rarely barks, but will alert us to strange sounds when appropriate, as she did at the camper when someone walked close by it in the middle of the night.  She also barks at the woods behind our house after dark when she hears noises.  Could there be a more perfect dog?  Well, to be honest, she has chewed-up a couple of throw pillows, dug a couple of holes in the back yard, and stolen a roll off my friend's table, but she's as close as they come!

Hope I haven't bored you too much but thought you should know what amazing dogs you breed (as if you don't already)!  That said, I would be more than happy to be a reference for potential clients, anytime.  In fact, I'd love the chance to brag about our Georgia!  Thanks for your time and best of luck finding perfect homes for the fall litter!

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Greg and Carol
From Acworth, GA

Oz is doing great.  He's 50+ pounds, and very sturdy;  He knows lots of commands: sit, down, turn around, back up, roll over, give me 5, give me the other 5, etc.  He does the commands with just hand signals as well.  I was most pleased when he mastered the art of "doors".  It's a much smoother operation to enter and exit a house when you are not wrangling with a puppy who is blocking and bumping into everything, including you.  He likes to wait at the refrigerator door when we are using the ice machine to chomp down on any stray pieces of ice.  He likes to play "find the treats," where we hide tidbits around the house.  We play it every evening and he'll remind us if we are late.  He might be a frisbee dog.  In cleaning the garage on Sunday, we found an old squishy dog disc.  We're not very good at throwing it and he's not very good at catching it, but he's enthusiastic, so with practice, maybe we'll both improve. 

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From Dacula, GA

Finally got a minute to send you some pictures of Roxy Joy.  We love her more and more each day. She is potty trained, has learned our property border, sit, stay, down, come and already walks like a show dog.  Just a fantastic dog!
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Roxy loves other dogs! Becuase she wants to be every dogs friend she goes towards every dog thinking they are friendly which has gotten her into a few close calls. If they show any aggression towards her she will not hesitate and respond back in a hurry. She has never initiated agression towards another dog but she will put them in their place if they do it towards her.  I am an over protective father so i have always been right there to resolve the issue before it even get's to step 2 if you know what i mean.
This drives my family crazy when i say this, but i got to say it again, Roxy is the "perfect" dog! She amazes me daily on how smart, loyal, athletic, sweet she is and what a constant pleasure she is to be around. I have come home early from a business trip just so i could get back to her sooner! It blows me away how consumed i am about this dog.
I think if we had a fenced back yard the idea of two aussies would be hard to resist but right now we don't.
* * *

Weighed Roxy Joy today, 71lbs! Looking sexy as ever. 1yr 11 months old. She has become a big girl and every where we go people can't keep their hands off her or give her some compliment. One of the greatest things i ever did was come pick her up on that Friday night in February 2011and get home at midnight to set her up in her new home. What a blessing she has been in my life!


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  Mike & Lisa Duncan
From North Carolina

I wanted to share another picture of Gunner. He is growing so quickly and is such an amazing dog!! He absolutely loves his new home in North Carolina.

We hike the trails off our property every morning and he is turning into quite the trail loving doggie. He goes on and off leash and listens so well. He comes when he is called knows sit and lay down and we are working on stay.

Today he discovered a muddy creek bed and had a blast running through it and then got hosed down.

We are so tickled pink to have him in our lives. Casey, our other dog, has showed him all around and they love to tool around the yard and play together constantly.

He is eating like a champ too. He loves everything we give him in terms of meats and veggies. The boy has an appetite.

Gunner is becoming very good friends with the deer on our property. He will walk right up to them and then sit and watch them eat. There is a buck that he likes to play with. Sometimes they play chase. It is great to see how curious and kind they are to each other and how close he lets them get.

Thanks again for raising such awesome puppies.



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From Georgia

We're loving our little Aussie Saddie - very sweet, balanced dog. She still never has had an accident in the house. All around great dog.
Thanks again,
Jim and Tammy


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from Alabama

Carini is as perfect as she can be.  She is already potty trained with only a few accidents every now and then.  She sleeps in the bed, and she has done great with that, always waking us up when she needs to go out.  We're on the go a good bit, and she has adapted very well to that.  She loves being in the car, she gets her best naps in on car rides, and when we get to where we're going she is the most social little girl.  Our families and friends have all fallen in love with her. I don't think she has met anyone who hasn't asked us how much we want for her. haha! We really are so grateful with the way you breed and how you raise puppies the first few weeks of their life.  It makes transitioning them into a home so much easier and actually enjoyable.  We fall more in love with her everyday and we're so excited about her future with us.  Right now, Carini's best friend is a little pomeranian puppy. I'm attaching a picture of them.


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Hello, Jill!

I’m Paula Bothwell, and our family adopted  a Jake and Gretta puppy named Jonathan (whom we re-named Caffrey) in June 2010.  What a great and wonderful addition to our family he is, and has been from the very beginning when we went to visit him and fell in love with him!  

People think I’m silly about my dog, and I’ll admit it!  I get the craziest looks when I make his “meatloaf” or feed him raw chicken (which he LOVES to eat frozen).  His diet has paid off - even being the hairy and “sheddy-beast” that he is, he has NO FLEAS, has had only one tick (which he got his second day here), and his coat is absolutely gorgeous.  

Caffrey's temperament is perfect for our family, too.  We got him when our youngest son was 6, and it has been so sweet watching them grow up together.  They are great friends - James doesn’t really go anywhere without Caffrey.  We’ve met other Aussies, and they have been so hyperactive; Caffrey is chill when we are, but he’s game for anything at any time.  And, he’s smart as a whip!  He rolls over, sits, opens the door, shuts the door, shakes, chooses which hand holds the treat, lies down, goes away, jumps through a hula hoop, and plays the piano (although you cannot really tell what tune it is, haha).  He is so eager to learn and please.  

Caffrey is also extremely LOVING and protective of his family.  He loves a good belly rub and he appreciates a good ear scratch, but his favorite is a back-side scratch.  Several times a day, he will get up from his myriad napping spots, and go find a family member and “check-in.”  My daughter has a window seat that overlooks the front of our house and we frequently find him there, surveying his domain.  He is super protective of his people when stranger dogs are around.  When my son was younger, a strange dog got in our yard and Caffrey barked a wide semi-circle around James to warn that dog away.  I cannot think of a better all-round companion for our family.

Thanks, Jill and company, for giving us great joy.  We adore our Mossy Creek Aussie!

Paula Bothwell

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I don't believe we are going to register Shiloh. he has grown into quite the helper. He is progressing very well in his training as my Service Dog. He has been able to detect and alert me to a specific medical condition. He is around 18" at the shoulders and 41 lbs at 8 1/2 months and has 2 beautiful light blue eyes. He is a water baby, and loves to go swimming. We belong to a dog park that has 42 acres and a large dog friendly pond (man made). his favorite thing to do is search for submarines.

He has also become a bit of a celebrity, as people stop us all the time and ask to take his picture. We absolutely love him and tell everyone where we got him.

The pictures are (1) waiting on Mom, (2) chasing subs, (3) playing with a family friend.