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We now have an Amazon Store at the bottom of every page :)  Makes it much easier to get hard to find supplements, like kelp powder, diatomaceous earth, etc...

We use raw hamburger, 1/4-1/2 cup, and then add a raw egg, shell and all (or no shell), squashed up real fine with your fingers, about 1-2 tblsp of plain yogurt, 1/2-1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon colloidal silver (5ppm), 1/8 teaspoon ground kelp, 1 tablespoon lard (YES! It's perfect :), salmon oil or codliver oil, a capsule, 1/2 tsp organic coconut oil, 1/4 tsp - 1 tablespoon diatomaceous earth (DE, food grade, only), and enough warm water to make it easy to stir up.   I would feed them this at least 3 times a day (this is for a 6-7 week old puppy), morning, afternoon and evening, and if they seemed hungry, maybe a fourth time before bed, too.  This may be enough for one days worth of meals.  Puppies get chicken leg pieces for dinner, here.   When you get your puppy, just use raw ground meat like in the recipe below.   Processed food is not necessary, but if you use it, use enough water to totally reconstitute it (equal parts plus some).  And use an 1/8-1/4 teaspoon of colloidal silver to kill whatever may be in it, like salmonella.  We now recommend "Life's Abundance" Holistic dog food.  An exceptional, human quality dog food.  Also, the only dairy they get is yogurt.  Make sure to give them their NuVet Plus vitamin, once a day.  These vitamins make an amazing difference.  This is the only vitamin that I have seen make any obvious difference!  I have actually extended my health guarantee if this NuVet vitamin along with a raw diet, is used for their (your puppy's) first 2-years.  You must order from the link on my website though, for it to be recorded with NuVet Labs.   Follow this link to go to the NuVet Labs page.  We also will extend this guarantee for "Life's Abundance Health Food for Dogs", which must be ordered from our link to keep records.



1/4- 1/2 cup ground beef, or turkey, venison, rabbit or other raw meat...
1/2 tsp dolomite powder (replacing the bone in the ground meat)  

1 whole egg with shell, squashed (shell optional)

1/2-1 tsp apple cider vinegar

1 teaspoon 5 ppm colloidal silver

1 garlic capsule (or fresh garlic, if they like it; optional or seasonal)

1 tblsp oil (lard is best)

1/4 - 1 tsp Rex 100% Wheat Germ Oil

1/8-1/4 tsp organic coconut oil (if their stools are loose, then skip this oil)

1 capsule of fish oil; salmon, cod-liver, fish oil.  Or 1 squirt of Grizzly Salmon Oil; Every day.

1-2 tblsp plain yogurt; we use full fat (4%)

1/8 tsp kelp powder (big pinch)

1/8 tsp alfalfa powder (big pinch)

1 Folic Acid 850 mcg tablet (put it in some liquid in the meal)

1 100 I.U. Vitamin E (3-4 times a week) [Omit if using Wheat Germ Oil]

1/4 tsp vitamin C (sodium ascorbate powder)

1 tsp-1/2 tblsp (1 tblspoon after 20lbs) Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade!)
1/2 tsp ground flax seed

NuVet Plus canine vitamin-One a day :) We crush them for puppies...

 They can be a bit finicky, though, as babies!  I have to put Life's Abundance canned food in so they get their DE and kelp.  You’ll just have to try things if your baby is one of the finicky ones!  By the time they are a few months old, or sooner, they are eating only raw food.  Variety of meat is important.  Switch around and don't forget fish!  Really important for them.  Kidneys and hearts and  of liver... Think of the size of these in a prey animal, like rabbits, chickens...

I always made sure they had their diatomaceous earth every day for worming.  You do have to give enough, though, all at once, for it to be able to kill all of the worms.  A teaspoon under 20 lbs and a tablespoon over 20 lbs.  Even then, it is always good to have worm checks once in a while.  For parasites too; dogs can pick “giardia” up from many places. They are very inexpensive at the Vet’s.  I pay about 12.00 for fecal worm exams.  I have been using DE for worms for about 20 years now, and have been “worm-free” (for adults--puppies are a different story, they are just "worm challenged"!) all of these years. DE is an excellent natural wormer that is good for your Aussie too.   Unfortunately, there is one worm that DE does not kill and that is the round worm.  For that one, we use Pyrantel pamoate, or Strongid X.  As your puppy grows, they acquire an immunity to them.   But, to be careful, we give everybody here a dose of Pyrantel p. once a month.  The dose is 1cc per 10 lbs.  

                       "Blue"                   and              "Amber"

 * * * * * * * * * * *

This is a study that was done with Diatomaceous earth and dogs:


"In clinical observations of feeding dogs over 35 lbs. 1 tblsp/day and under 35 lbs. 1 tsp./day of DE, with in seven days, all ova disappeared from stools.  DE controlled Ascardies (Toxacara canids), Hookworms (Anclyostoma caninum), and Whipworms (Trichuris vulipis)."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I also recommend using colloidal silver (5 ppm 1/2-1 tsp daily) in their food or their water bowls in the house (colloidal silver is “light” sensitive).   It is a very old natural “anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal".  If you keep it in your dog water bowls, you won’t believe how clean it will stay!  Change it every day though, or sooner if it gets particles in it.  No slimy dog water bowl!  It can be expensive, so use just a teaspoon or less.  Read about colloidal silver.  Silver is one of those elements that used to be in our soil but isn't there anymore. We need all the protection we can get to fight off viruses and bacteria. Us and our pets :) 

*Be careful about your source for "colloidal silver".  Read up on it; you will have to decide whether it is right for you.  I make sure that I only ever use distilled water when I make mine.  Otherwise, the silver can bond with other particles and elements that are in the water.  A colloidal silver generator is a bargain if you are going to be using it for a lot of things. It is very easy to make!


This is a recipe that I use. Use something especially delicious to feed them their DE in, like Life's Abundance canned food, or cooking the ground beef, just a little bit, makes it hard to resist.  Only if you are having trouble with your puppy.  As they grow, believe me, you will have no trouble with food!! One puppy mom made a raw meat ball with the DE mixed in it and then dipped it in spaghetti sauce!  Her puppy always wanted that spaghetti sauce he smelled cooking!  A big hit.  Remember, it has to be given all at once, once a day.  And you really can’t give too much either, up to 2 tblsp per dog, just too little.  If you stick to the study, quoted above, at 1 tsp to 35lbs; 1 tblsp to 35lbs and over, your dogs and puppies will be worm free.  Still, it is good to have worm checks...



1/2 cup of ground beef (your puppy may need more, or less)

Life's Abundance canned food- to make it especially tasty!

1 raw egg, with squashed up egg shell (Boil for one minute, if desired)

1 tblsp plain yogurt

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
1/2-1 teaspoon colloidal silver (5 ppm)

1 garlic capsule, (optional/or seasonal)
1/2 tsp organic coconut oil (skip this oil if stools are loose)
1/2 tsp Rex Wheat germ oil
1/2-1 Tablespoon lard

1 salmon or cod liver oil capsule, every day (or squirt from the Grizzly bottle, or Grizzly Pollock oil)

1/8 teaspoon ground kelp (pinch)
1/8 tsp ground alfalfa

A pinch (1/8 tsp) of Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate, Ester C)

1 tsp-1 tblsp Diatomaceous Earth (DE) food grade

NuVet Plus canine vitamin- an excellent vitamin for dogs :) NOT OPTIONAL!  They need some kind of an excellent vitamin to keep them healthy.

You don’t have to give them eggs every day, but why not?  They are a great source of protein and Omega 3!  They do get them everyday here. The vinegar, kelp, yogurt, fish oil, a vitamin and of course, the DE are all very important.  

Go googling on the internet about raw feeding, and the next topic is more info about it, too.


There is a book I recommend about raw feeding.  The title is, “Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats” the Ultimate Diet, by Kymythy R. Schultze, C.C.N.,A.H.I.  You can purchase this on Amazon.   It is a very good introduction to “species appropriate” feeding.  Kymythy Schultze actually emailed me to say that she uses diatomaceous earth and coloidal silver too, periodically.  It is a very interesting intoduction to feeding raw, and why to feed raw.  There is also so much information and ideas on the internet.  Just by researching with a search engine, you can find ton’s of information on raw feeding.

Your puppy has been eating raw chicken leg quarters, cut into 2 pieces and then I would make cuts all over it so they could chew the meat off more easily.  That is how they start, when they are only 3-4 weeks old! They are actually doing pretty well with the bone now, too (at 5 to 7 weeks old), which is so good for them!  At that age, I cut through the ball like knobs on the ends of the drumsticks, each end.  On the thighs, I cut lengthwise down the back part and still leave it hanging.  Just making it more easy to chew.  You want the bones to be big enough so that they have to work on it for as long as possible, but not a size that it could get stuck in their throats.  I watch every puppy eat :)  Very important...  It is so good for their teeth and digestion.  They also have been eating catfish nuggets, raw, of course.  We give puppies here, whole raw vegetables.  Whole raw cabbages (Puppies and Cabbage video on the "Lots of Puppy Pictures" page), lettuces, squashes, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli are some of their favorites.  It seems that only the puppies love vegetables.  But, some of our older dogs love cucumbers :)  and carrots and cabbage too.  Wolves eat some berries and a little vegetable matter; just grasses, berries  and no grain at all.  They are seen to shake the stomach contents out, before eating that part of their prey dinner.  We learned this from the Panama City Beach Zoo wolves.

Any meat that is USDA inspected for humans is perfect for your Aussie puppy.   Give them your freezer burned meat, some raw hamburger from your meatloaf before you cook it, or just whatever you are having for dinner, before it is cooked.  The “raw” part is so important for dogs, that is, before the enzymes have been destroyed by cooking.  Your Aussie will benefit from as much raw feeding as you can do for them.  If I only had one or two Aussies, raw feeding is all that I would give them.    My adults get their raw mix in the morning and a raw chicken leg, fish or whatever meat I have for them that day, for dinner.  Plus, extras during the week, for all who seem to need more.  Our Riley frequently needs more than everybody else.  We feed him a whole chicken once a week, extra, sometimes.  It really just depends what kind of deals on raw meat that I can get at the store, and how Riley looks that week.


It is important to always inspect your dog; really look at them, feel them.  Notice if he is too fat, too skinny or just right and happy.  Check your dogs teeth.  If you see stains happening, deer ribs are the best "tooth brushes" ever!  Only raw though :)  

Their tummies do not do well empty for too long.  Save something for them before bed if they are throwing up yellow bile.  Their tummy is too empty.  Use a 1/4 cup of Life's Abundance dry food (with water :) before bed or before an extended period in a crate.

I have found that deer ribs and bones are excellent for dog teeth scrubbing.  I try to give my Aussie pack a dinner of deer ribs and leg bones once a week.  Your dog really should look like a "show dog", every day!  That is just what they look like, eating a raw, natural, totally
healthy diet.  Or the Life's Abundance Holistic dog food too. 

If he/she seems hungry or is a little thinner than you like, you 

can always feed him/her an entire chicken leg quarter, or an on sale lamb shank that you found, or a turkey leg or wing (older puppy), a whole frozen tilapia (if he is a fish eater, if not, work up to it with "catfish nuggets" raw) or anything you find at the store for an extra dinner.  The same goes for if he is too fat.  Just feed less of something, and after they are a year old, fasting one day a week does wonders for their weight.  It really does seem to even them out.  I don't worry about being "too fat" before they can do their fasting after their one-year-old birthday.  Puppies grow like children; they get fat, then they grow up or long and then they get fat again and then they grow something else!  But do not let your puppy get too thin!!  You should not be able to feel pronounced hip bones and/or individual rib bones either.  That is not a healthy state for a growing puppy/dog, either physically or mentally.  So watch them very carefully.  Be very touchy-feelly with your puppy and know exactly what their condition is at all times.  Grain-free dogs and puppies are solid, not flabby, light and bloated like grain-fed dogs and puppies :)  

 Raw feeding is really easy. It is economical,  It is FUN!  You will see the difference; I will  have a dog that will turn heads!  Is there anything more fun than that?


Some puppies take about a week to adjust to their new homes.  Their appetites are affected, they may sit and just look around a lot, they may take more naps than you might expect.  These are all normal adjustment behaviors.  They are processing just how to live in your family, and it is taxing for a little puppy (or a big one)!  I tell people whose fur baby doesn't seem to like his/her raw food, to cook it a little on the top.  Cooked meat has a lot more smell and flavor than raw meat does and this usually does the trick.  But, sometimes, they just are not interested in eating, especially that first day. So, don't worry.  Believe me; they are dogs and they will be eating like one in no time!  Another thing they may not be able to resist though, is their raw chicken leg.  They live for those! Cutting it into pieces, bone and all sometimes gets them to eat it.  

For treats, using your Life's Abundance dry food is easy.  Put it in a baggie and carry it with you.  They also make healthy, holistic treats.  Remember, the treats and food sold in stores are not made of quality food and are probably very old!  Treats are a good idea to attract a puppy's attention and are necessary for rewards at your puppy classes! 

Puppies may need a lot of encouragement in areas that may scare them.  It is hard to predict what that might be.  But, you will know what they are afraid of.  They are used to a lot of hugging, sweet talking and positive encouragement here.  We pick them up and hold them and when they get too big, we come down to their level to comfort them.  Just having them sit in front of you with your hand on their chest until they get their courage up can be enough to get them over something scary.  They are very much like our own children, really.  Australian shepherd dogs are quite intelligent; they seem to "think" about everything!  Pretty soon, they are as brave and self-assured as they can be.  After all, they are babies learning everything for the first time...


Your puppy was given a Parvo/Distemper vaccination at 6 weeks-old.  Your puppy will need one more booster vaccination 3  weeks later and maybe a 3rd, 3 weeks after the 2ed one.  These are Parvo/Distemper vaccines only; never 5,6, and 7 way vaccines.  Very dangerous.  That will complete a “Primary Immunization” for your puppy.  Check with your holistic veterinarian.  Please, do not vaccinate your puppy every year, beyond their first year.  Vaccinating year after year is harmful to your Aussie!  Let them build up their own immunities, naturally, with good nutrition to help them.  You won’t believe how beautiful and healthy your Aussie will be, if you follow as much natural rearing as possible.  

Dog v
accination schedule: A rabies vaccine is only required every 3 years, after a primary immunization is acquired.  That schedule is at 4-6 months old (check with your particular state laws) and then another vaccine at 1 year later (NOT at one year old).   Unfortunately, we happen to live in a county that makes us get 1 year Rabies vaccines, every year.  This is an old antiquated law and needs to be changed for the sake of our dogs!  

There is a holistic veterinarian in Roswell, GA who is very good and can help you with all natural health issues, including "raw feeding".  Her name is Kimberly Parker, DVM.  She has the Animal Wellness Center in Roswell;  770-343-8402.

If you live in another state, maybe you can find a holistic minded Veterinarian not too far away.  There are more and more holistic minded people and Veterinarians every year...


Your puppy has been on Diatomaceous earth every day since he/she was 3-weeks-old.   Also, all puppies were given Safe-guard (fenbendazole) alternating with Strongid T(Pyrantel Pamoate), once a week, until they are about 4-6 weeks-old.  You may need to continue this every two weeks until they are about 12 - 16 weeks.  We worm with Pyrantel p. once a month for all of our adult Aussies.  Of course, we are at high worm risk with all of our puppies :)  It is recommended that you have a worm/parasite test done at your Vet health check.  Just in case...Also, colloidal silver added to your dogs water bowl and food too, will keep him/her parasite free.  Once they get them, though, it is a different story!  You have to worm with chemicals then.  But, just have worm checks every 6-months or so.

Australian shepherds do not assimilate Ivermectin properly.   This is a very dangerous drug for Australian shepherds that are MDR1 mutant/mutant or even normal/mutant.  Have your Aussie tested for the MDR1 gene.  Go to, to have a cheek swab test kit sent to you.  Most of my dogs have been tested and are normal/normal, except for one who is mutant/normal.  If you have even one copy of the mutant MDR1 gene, *DO NOT USE IVERMECTIN*. I prefer to use DIATOMACEOUS EARTH (food grade only!) for heart worms.  But, you have to use enough, and you have to use it every day and you have to have them tested to make sure it is working the way it should be.  If you choose to use DE for heart worms, which I have been doing for 20+years now, have your Aussie’s blood tested for heart worms every other month through the mosquito seasons.  If all is well,  you will feel safe using it.  If heart worm larva is discovered (then enough wasn't used or you didn't use it) you will still be in the safety zone for treating with once a month Interceptor or Sentinel.  The amount of medicine in heartworm preventive is very small.  There is an alternative...

Diatomaceous earth kills heart worm larva.  Period.  Wow!  This is the most wonderful discovery of the century!  What an incredible relief...especially, for our sensitive Aussies!!  But, also remember, heartworm preventive, like Sentinel and Interceptor, contain a miniscule, safe amount of medicine.  So, don't feel bad about using any heartworm preventive your vet may give you. 

There are scientific studies out there on the worming properties of Diatomaceous earth.  In time, you will trust it and have a very healthy, gorgeous Aussie to show for it too...


**Australian shepherds have a sensitivity to drugs.  If they are a positive MDR1 gene dog (multi drug resistance gene), then drugs can (no, they will) be devastating to your Aussie.  I just assume that they are, until they are tested and even then, stay away from all drugs for my Aussies.  Be an educated Aussie parent and make sure that your Veterinarian is, too.  Please, do not give drugs to your Aussie.  Always find "the natural way" to health! 


Your puppy from Mossy Creek Aussies, is guaranteed to be free of any life threatening, congenital diseases for one year.  If you choose to use NuVet Plus vitamins and a raw diet or use Life's Abundance Health Food for Dogs plus their vitamins, for your puppy until he is 2-years-old, we extend that guarantee to 2 years.  You must feed your Mossy Creek Aussie a grain free (soy,corn and wheat free), raw diet or the Holistic Life's Abundance Food for this guarantee to be valid.  Food matters!  Veterinary confirmation is required.  Keep me informed about your Aussie!  Breeders need to know what is happening with all of their puppies.  We do not want to be breeding any hereditary problems, and it is important that we stay informed about the health of our puppies.


                                 ENJOY YOUR PRECIOUS AUSSIE PUPPY!

If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to call me.  I am always interested in hearing about my puppies, for the rest of their lives!  They have been so lovingly cared for here, and if, for any reason, you can’t keep your Aussie, please let me know.  I will either take him/her back here, or help you find a good home for him/her.   That is always part of my contract with puppy buyers.  It would kill my heart, if any one of my babies ever wound up in a rescue or S.P.C.A., or in someone's hands who didn't love them like you and me.  Please don‘t ever let that happen!  And your contract forbids this, so, please, just call me!




DIATOMACEOUS EARTH-FOOD GRADE QUALITY (CODA) also called fossil shell flour.

I buy this in 50lb bags for all of my farm animals.  An organic farm, close to us, puts together an order to Countryside Naturals in West Virginia and we are able to buy pallets full of various 50lb bags.  Much cheaper!  This is their website,  A 50 lb bag of diatomaceous earth will last a very long time for one or two dogs!  Make sure you keep it covered in plastic so it stays clean.  You really don't need that much... Unless you have horses or lots of animals.  We have an Amazon link below to buy smaller amount of DE in reasonable containers.  Much easier!


This too is sold by Amazon and there is a link for kelp and alfalfa at the bottom of the page.


Kimberly Parker, DVM

Animal Wellness Center, Roswell, GA 770-343-8402

615 Hembree Parkway

Roswell, GA


THE DOG WHISPERER, CESAR MILAN- I highly recommend watching Cesar on the Nation Geographic Chanel.  He is excellent with dog behavior problems and dog communication.   He also has several books that are very good.

THE MONKS OF NEW SKETE – they have a wonderful book with very itemized directions that some people find very helpful.  You can find this book on Amazon, pretty inexpensively.