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Copper, an all raw Aussie from Mossy Creek!


If you choose to feed your puppy a half raw diet, we recommend Life's Abundance Premium Health Food.  This is an all stage of life dog food and is made of human quality ingredients.  It is made in small batches once a week in human grade facilities.  I cannot express how important it to feed human quality ingredients to your Aussie. A canine's digestive system is not suited to digesting most grain or carbohydrates, mainly sugar, wheat, corn or soy.  Nor are they designed to eat dehydrated food.  We soak (for young puppies) or add water (equal amounts or more water) to dry food, so that they are eating, in essence, the equivalent of a prey animal.  As you know, living creatures are mostly water.  Dry food, not reconstituted, is very hard on their whole bodies and in time, will wear out their kidneys, at least.  So, don't forget the water to reconstitute :)  The best diet for a carnivore, will always be what they would be eating in nature... Raw meat, bones and everything else that the prey animal provides.  They would also eat grasses and fruit and so, we feed vegetables and berries, only sometimes and as a separate meal from the meat meal.  Life's Abundance Dog Food has all of these human quality ingredients and will see that your special canine friend will grow into a gorgeous, healthy dog.   You will also see that this concentrated food sinks, like real food, as opposed to floating like cereal. I have seen this in other processed dog foods. When you add the water to reconstitute, it all floats to the top, with lesser quality dog foods!
This is the only processed dog food that Mossy Creek Aussies recommends: Life's Abundance Holistic Dog Food.
   The Life's Abundance Company has never had even one recall on their food :)

We understand that with busy schedules and lives, that for some people, it just isn't possible to fix up raw meals every day.  Those are the all important, bone growing and body forming, puppy years.   Please, feed them like you would feed yourselves...  The absolute best, human quality ingredients that you can afford.  Life's Abundance Dog Food is not expensive!  For  one 50lb Aussie, a 40lb bag will last for 2 months at least.  Please, feed your canine raw chicken leg quarters at least every other day. They need that raw meat and bones for their teeth, especially!

If you plan on feeding your Aussie Life's Abundance pretty much every day, then your dog still needs the extra antioxidant protection that NuVet Vitamins provides.  You may find that your Aussie even does better on this quality, holistic food.  Some do and that is great.  I am grateful to have found this fantastic, holistic dog food :)

 When you click on the link below, you will be directed to Life's Abundance website for placing orders and to read more about the purity of their dog food. 
 Make sure that they get at least one raw, meat and bones meal every other day, for their teeth and the health of your
beloved Aussie :)

This is the link to visit Life's Abundance Holistic Health Food for Dogs...