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MOSSY CREEK'S CONTRACT                                                                     

The little Aussies say "Come in!  Come in!!"
(For lots more Aussie puppy pictures, visit the
"Puppies & More Puppies!" Page :)


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We follow your internet orders to maintain the NuVet Plus 2-year-health guarantee, so please be sure to have your vitamins ordered and your Life's Abundance All Stage dry food (or the puppy food) for canines ordered, before you come to pick up your puppy and before you sign your contract.  If you have not placed your orders for the NuVet vitamins and the Life's Abundance food, you will not be able to take your puppy or dog home, until the orders are placed. To order them from the internet, please use the highlighted links: NuVet Labs.  Both companies keep a record of all orders for our puppies.

Thanks so much!

 * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * *

1.  This puppy is sold as a pet/companion and/or working/competition dog.  Breeding rights are not included with this puppy. Breeding this dog is in violation and a breech of this contract! Legal action will be taken if this dog is bred at any time in it's life.  _____

2.  Buyer agrees to spay/neuter their NSDR, AKC or MAS puppy at 10-12 months old, for females and 12-18 months for males.  Buyer also agrees to send by mail, proof
(with a picture on the paperwork from the performing veterinarian's office, of the neutered Aussie or American shepherd) of such procedure, to us.
  AKC, MAS and NSDR puppy registration forms will be sent asap, just as soon as we receive their spay/neutering paperwork. AKC and MAS puppy buyers will have a chance to reverse their AKC limited registration to AKC full registration before they neuter their Aussie puppy.  Some AKC and MAS puppies will be sold as "limited registration only". NSDR puppies will be sold with no breeding rights offered. _____

3.  Buyer agrees to NEVER surrender this puppy to a rescue service or animal shelter, under any circumstance.   The buyer agrees to first contact Mossy Creek and get our approval of placement of your Aussie from Mossy Creek.  This includes the sale or placement to any third party.   Your Mossy Creek Aussie is always welcome back here. _____

4.  Buyer agrees to feed their Aussie from Mossy Creek, raw human quality meat and bones, Life's Abundance Holistic dog food and NuVet plus vitamins for canines. This is the only processed dog food that we endorse and that qualifies for their guarantee (warranty).  The Life's Abundance food and the NuVet vitamins must be ordered before any puppy or dog leaves here, for their new homes. _____

5.  Buyer agrees to never tie their Mossy Creek Aussie outside for a "home".  Also, never to "kennel" their Aussie outside, away from their owners, to live a life of solitude. _____

6.  Seller has first right of refusal if buyer can no longer keep their dog or puppy.  _______

7. Seller will guarantee this puppy for 2 years of age, if buyer agrees to give their Mossy Creek puppy NuVet Plus vitamins every day for their (Mossy Creek puppy's) first and second year.  These must be purchased from this website using the NuVet emblem to their website.  The buyer also agrees to feed their Mossy Creek Aussie Life's Abundance Holistic Health Food and to order from a link from our website, to maintain a record.  Both of these agreements are conditional to the above agreements, since feeding is directly related to the health and soundness of a dog.   Veterinary certification must accompany this request, plus an autopsy must be performed to identify the cause of death.  If a congenital defect is found, another puppy of equal value, will be provided, as soon as one becomes available. ________  ________
8. All deposits are non-refundable. _______

9. Your puppy was viewed by you and appeared to be in good health and well cared for. _______

10. Your puppy was picked up by you or by someone authorized by you and was given to you by the breeder of your puppy. _______

11. This puppy was not shipped unseen by you or your representative. _________

*If your AKC Australian shepherd or MAS puppy seems to be growing into a show dog, you can contact me about reversing your limited registration, to show registration.  You have until the puppy is 9-months-old to take advantage of the "limited reversal" offer. 
*Legal disputes will be settled in Newton County, GA


* * * * * *

Please understand, that feeding just dry dog food to dogs, is extremely unnatural for their bodies.  Nowhere in the wild, would they find such a thing.  Always reconstitute dry food with at least equal parts of water.  Do some reading about raw feeding; the health of your canines depends on it!  It is not true, at all, that dogs eating raw, makes them kill other animals, for food or otherwise!  Our farm is proof of that.  Raw chicken is a staple here and our dogs roam freely with our chickens, right by their sides.  Our Aussies do not associate what you feed them with any of the animals they see.   Their job is to protect their owners animals...

Also, Australian shepherds have been bred to live with their owners; to guard them and their property, to be helpful members of their families and do not do well separated from them to live a life alone in the back yard, "kenneled".   And if fed properly, (a natural, healthy "raw" diet, with a natural daily vitamin supplement, we use and recommend NuVet Plus), your Aussie will have a beautiful, clean coat, without all of that unnecessary, troublesome undercoat.
Please, train your puppy to be a functional "family member".  Take your puppy to kindergarten classes, obedience classes and/or other training programs.  Many people find this an enjoyable activity to do with their Aussie.  Your puppy will be at the top of their class!  They always are...they shine.   That is what they have been created to do...

Your puppy has been given the best start possible for you to continue his/her healthy, holistic upbringing  and to continue with their human/canine relationship for a long, loving life.